Upcoming events @ The Oxford Castle Quarter


Oxford Castle Quarter was once home to the Norman Oxford Castle, then the infamous Oxford Prison. Parts of these historic buildings remain, and have shaped the development of Oxford Castle Quarter as it stands today, including St George's Tower and the Castle Mound. The secrets of the quarter's history are unlocked in the exciting visitor attraction, Oxford Castle - Unlocked. The rest of Oxford Castle Quarter is now home to an exciting hub of bars and
restaurants, including the brasserie at Malmaison, the Visitor's Room Bar on Floor 3 in Malmaison, Cafe 1071, Prezzo, La Tasca, The Big Bang, Pizza Express, 1855 Wine Bar and Bistro, The Swan & Castle, and The Living Room. Oxford Castle Quarter also boasts O3 Gallery, with its dynamic programme of exhibitions all year round, not forgetting the gorgeous Malmaison Boutique Hotel in the heart of the quarter.